About Dadventurebasecamp

One of the reasons I set up this blog was to provide others with answers to the questions I had when taking my own kids out on our first #microadventure.  

I benefited from all sorts of support from all sorts of wonderful people, who were generous with their advice, and patient with my daft questions.  

I remain an enthusiast rather than an expert, but I'm keen to support others thinking of getting outdoors on an adventure, whether big or small.

I'm involved in several communities of likeminded people, online and offline and when I found the same questions cropping up again and again, I thought a dedicated resource for families with outdoors adventure on their mind could be useful.

Let me know in the comments of the articles what you think of them, and what else you'd like to see.

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All views are our own, all gear is bought or borrowed, unless otherwise stated.

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James (Daddy), Henry (6 3/4), Hector (5 1/2), Archie (Labrador, Age - prefers not to say)


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