A Bikepacking #dadventure begins

A short post, after a longer hiatus. I shan't make too many apologies, other than to say I should have posted more often, but we were having far too many adventures!

There are therefore plenty of stories saved up to remember from the armchair this Autumn, and posts on those will follow, but while summer may officially have passed, and the boys have trooped (fairly happily) back to school, there's more fun still to be had by Dad...

Right now, I'm en route to Gatwick Airport, for a flight to Italy. My bike is packed into a very fragile looking see-through bag (allegedly it makes baggage handlers less prone to heaving it about, but we shall see) and I am on my way to the starting line of the Torino-Nice Rally. 


700km of road, gravel track, military strada and goat path. 30km of tortuous, hairpin-turned, gruelling vertical ascent, and a glorious equivalence of downhill swoopiness.

The Rally isn’t a race, it’s more of an self-supported adventure on bikes. A mixed bag of terrain from Tarmac to gravel, to challenging off-road. And a mixed bag of riders, from athletes and industry professionals to complete amateurs like myself (well at least one complete amateur).


A labour of love by its organiser, James Olsen, who told pannier.cc:

“The Torino-Nice Rally is a ride event for the cross-over between touring, bikepacking and randonneuring; it’s all-terrain touring … we have route options so you can vary the amount of road and off-road, as well as overlap with other riders more often; hence the Rally tag.”


I'm prepped, packed, and arriving at the airport - wish me luck!




If you'd like to track my (expectedly rather slow) progress, you can follow the "blue dot"  of my GPS Spot Tracker here: